Campaign Supporters

This page provides information about our crowdfunding campaigns and the supporters that have donated to them. We would like to thank all supporters that have donated towards our cause. All donations help us fund our research and open-source projects.

Help to continue volunteering full time

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This campaign began as a way to try and raise funds to register as a non-profit and to pay for salaries that would allow Adam and team members to continue volunteering their time to build an association with the goals of providing open-source technologies that can assist in the fight against Leukemia. We are now a non-profit association and will be creating official crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds to pay for salaries for our team and to fund our open research and projects.

This campaign is now a personal campaign with the hopes of raising funds to help Adam pay for monthly utilities, services and tools that will allow him to continue volunteering full time until we can afford to pay for full and part time salaries.

Below is a list of our campaign donators that choose to donate publicly. Thank you to everyone that has helped us on our mission so far. Each supporter will receive a certificate, certificates will begin to be sent as soon as possible.

** TRANSPARENCY: As individuals, team members have contributed donations to this crowdfunding campaign**


Jo Harding

Liz Wightman

Nicola Hinde

Linda McDonald

Zolten Istvan

Nathan Shammah


Alex Hernandez Diaz

Michelle Kenyon

Tudor Siji

Charlotte Bancroft

Scott Ware

Kathy Ng (Alumni Family)

Ho Leung Ng (Alumni)

Shalini Gopalakrishnan

Dr Sándor Kónya

André Abboud

Joanna Lowe

Steve Worswick

Saurabh Banga (Team Family)

Rishabh Banga (Team Member)

Carol Kato


Thank you everyone!!