Leukemia AI Research

We research into the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things, and how they can be used in the fight against Leukemia.

Our mission began in 2018 with a team of volunteers, shortly after Peter was first diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Our goal is to advance Leukemia research using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (Computer Vision & Natural Language Understanding/Processing), Internet of Things, Robotics, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, 3D Design & Printing and Blockchain. We aim to provide all research, findings and code free to the public. As an association, we will start new research projects focusing on the several types of leukemia, and other bone marrow and blood related cancers.

We are creating an open source movement for leukemia & medical technology research. No patents, no proprietary data, no proprietary code. We want to change how the medical system works, and provide our research and technology open and free.

The Covid-19 AI Research Project is an Asociacion De Investigacion En Inteligencia Artificial Para La Leucemia Peter Moss research project, with the goal of creating open source technology such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things to assist in the fight against the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.