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Shriya Narang

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Shriya Narang is a graduate of Middlesex University with an honors degree in Information Technology and has been a merit student earning various awards and scholarships.

Shriya has experience in IoT, Artificial intelligence and Data Science and is a certified master cloud developer by IBM. She has also been a student leader in a Machine Learning Scholarship program or Microsoft Azure organized by Microsoft and Udacity.

Shriya was a founding and active member of the Student Research Society in her university that organized various conferences in various domains including the ‘Tolerance, Sustainability, and Women Empowerment’ conference hosted by the British Computing Society. She was actively involved in imparting training/education to her juniors and worked as a Student Learning Assistant along with her course.

Shriya strongly believes that although technology cannot solve all the problems in the world, it can definitely aid us in doing so.

Shriya is Secretary @ Asociación de Investigacion en Inteligencia Artificial Para la Leucemia Peter Moss, and Student Program Lead. Shriya is also part of the R&D team, helping to develop technology in our research projects.