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Javier Lopez Alonso

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Javier is a PhD student from Spain with a BA in pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and Treasurer of Asociación de Investigacion en Inteligencia Artificial Para la Leucemia Peter Moss.

At the moment Javier is working on his PhD, which focuses on the development of sample preparation, instrumentation, and operational settings to measure nano-mechanics parameters of eukaryotic cells/tissues in an automated way. This method will then be applied to various cell types and tissue collected from patients suffering from lung or kidney cancer.

Javier is a person who loves learning and tinkering with technology. On his day-to-day, he mostly works on Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and the development of software at the lab is done using the Python programming language.

After specializing in Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical research at university, Javier gained real-world knowledge at the Service of Development of Medicines (Pharmacy Faculty, University of Barcelona) assisting in drug development. Expanding on that experience, Javi did a Postgraduate course in Quality Assurance applied in drug R&D; and worked for a year at Bigfinite, a bioinformatics startup, helping to develop quality control systems and ensuring data integrity. At Bigfinite, Javi also learned industry-standard automated software testing and acquired Python coding knowledge with voluntary courses and veteran mentors.