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Aniruddh Sharma

Aniruddh Sharma is a Team Member in a 3d printer Startup - Rudrabots and 3rd Year, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering Student in IITRAM. His interests in Deep Learning for analyzing CT Scans of COVID-19 Pneumonia affected Patients brought him to our team in 2020.

Aniruddh has knowledge and Experience in Robotics and 3d Printing also while working on EMG Controlled-3D Printed Prosthetic Limb, DIY IOT Projects and Designing with Fabrication of 3d Printer's Casing.

At Peter Moss Leukemia AI Research, Aniruddh is part of team working on AI Classification for CT Scans, Quantum Machine Learning and First Response Robot - EMAR for COVID-19 Hospitals.